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GCE Instance information can now be displayed・Participants wanted for the Second Mackerel Hands-On Seminar!

Hey! Mackerel sales engineer, id:a-know here.

Hatena Engineer Seminar #6 (infrastructure-focused) was held the day before yesterday, on August 31st. I also had the pleasure of taking the stage. After the event, I was approached by Mackerel users and others interested and was able to talk about Mackerel and about being a sales engineer.

The get-together after the event was so fun it was over before I knew it. In the future, I’d like to create more opportunities to meet with all of you in a variety of ways.

Anyways, here is this week’s release information.

GCE Instance information can now be displayed

The display of GCE (Google Compute Engine) Instance Information is now supported in the host detail screen and host list screen. And since the display of GCP’s Project ID is also supported, situations such as managing GCE instances across multiple projects in Mackerel becomes more convenient.

By the way, the Mackerel interns that I told you about last week were in charge of developing this feature. With one week left in the internship, I’m looking forward to next week’s release as well.

Participants wanted for the Second Mackerel Hands-On Seminar!

Unfortunately, the initial Mackerel Hands-On Seminar was postponed due to the unexpected typhoon, but we’re not giving in! We are now accepting applications for the Second Mackerel Hands-On Seminar! (Japanese only)

Learn about the necessity of server monitoring, monitoring configuration methods used in Mackerel, and alert correspondence through actual hands-on practice. You should definitely apply!

Mackerel exhibit at GCP NEXT Tokyo 2016

I know I made the announcement last week as well, but the event is coming up next week so I’m telling you again.

(Japanese only)

Mackerel will be running an exhibit at GCP NEXT Tokyo 2016; the largest Google Cloud Platform event in the country. The event will be held on September 6th (Tuesday). For anyone planning on attending the event, we would love for you to stop by and visit the Mackerel booth!

For more event information, click here! (Japanese only)