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Alert notifications are now re-sent in the event of a failure・GCP NEXT Tokyo 2016 exhibit

Hey! Mackerel sales engineer, id:a-know here.

I usually work at the office in Minami-aoyama, and this week started off with a typhoon.

At one point Typhoon #10 was heading South, but decided to make a u-turn and is now heading for the Japanese islands so be sure to remain cautious into next week.

Anyways, here is this week’s release information.

Alert notifications are now re-sent in the event of a failure

Alert notifications received through methods such as e-mail or slack will now be re-sent at defined intervals in the event that the notification fails for whatever reason.

If the notification failure continues, a retry will occur for a defined number of times while extending the re-sending interval. Please be aware that because of this, there is a possibility that the notification content will be out of order depending on the situation.

Exhibit at GCP NEXT Tokyo 2016

This coming September 6th, Mackerel will be running an exhibit at GCP NEXT Tokyo 2016 ; the largest Google Cloud Platform event in the country.

For anyone planning on attending the event, definitely stop by and visit the Mackerel booth.

For more event information, click here! Unfortunately, the event page is only in Japanese.