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Metadata feature released・Any request header can now be specified for external URL monitoring etc.

Next week, Mackerel will be running a booth at the 7th Cloud Computing Expo which will be held at the Makuhari Messe on October 26th-28th (Wed-Fri)!

Cloud Computing EXPO | Lead Exhibitions Japan

The exhibition will run throughout the three days, so by all means, stop by on a convenient day for you!

The Metadata feature has been released!

We announced the release of our new metadata feature the other day at Mackerel Meetup #8!

With the metadata feature, any Key-Value can be created in Mackerel as JSON data and we believe that this can serve various purposes.

To begin with, we’ve released a feature to support creating host metadata with the API. Later, we plan on releasing support for the command line tool mkr, plugin maintenance to support metadata, a flexible search feature, and more.

Here's a really unique way that one of our users has experimented with this feature!

The user proposes assigning HP (hit points) to the host like an RPG game! Damage would be given as a penalty if some kind of event were to occur (such as CI failure) and shutdown when the HP reaches 0.

We believe that there’s a variety of other ways that you guys can use this metadata feature. If you come up with a useful case, by all means, send us some feedback!

You can now specify any request header with external URL monitoring

By configuring external URL monitoring, you can now specify any HTTP request header!

For example, this can be used to set headers needed for user authentication.

However, User-Agent will be fixed with a value of mackerel-http-checker/0.0.1.

Authentication method now displayed in Members list

You can now check which method of authentication each member belonging to the organization is using from the Members list screen.

Anyone with the authority of “Administrator” or “Editor” can check this display.

Use it to help make your organization more secure!

Releases for mackerel-agent and more

mackerel-agent 0.36.0

  • Fixed the issue where requests were made via proxy for various cloud services when accessing the instance metadata API, with the HTTP_PROXY specified.
  • An option to obtain filesystem metrics has been added to each mount point.

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.23.0

Now built with Go 1.7 -engine option added to plugin-aws-rds and now supports MySQL/PostgreSQL/Aurora The number of metrics obtained with plugin-mysql has increased Several plugins modified to support MACKEREL_PLUGIN_WORKDIR etc.

go-check-plugins 0.7.0

  • check-log plugin repaired

We received a ton of Pull Requests for this week’s release! A big thanks to everyone who contributed!

Now accepting applications for Mackerel Hands-On Seminar (2016/11/10)

We have already started accepting applications for the 4th “Mackerel Hands-On Seminar”!

Mackerel Hands-On Seminar(2016/11/10) - connpass

The hands-on seminars being held now are basic level, but we plan to hold an intermediate level seminar before too long.

For anyone interested in the intermediate level seminar, we recommend attending a basic level seminar first. So for those of you who still haven’t attended, here’s your chance!