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AWS Integration now supporting EC2・Release of mackerel-agent 0.34.0 etc.

Hello! Mackerel sales engineer, id:a-know here.

Hatena’s 2016 Summer Intern Program kicked off this week! I attended the welcome party held on the 15th and all I can say is “wow”. The level of excellence of this year’s participants is beyond description. Seeing all of them has given me new motivation!

Interns will be assigned to the Mackerel team as well. While hoping that the interns will be able to implement a feature available to announce here in this blog in the near future, I would like to present to you this week's release information.

AWS Integration now supporting EC2

You can now collect EC2 metrics with AWS Integration. With this, monitoring EC2 instances is possible even without introducing mackerel-agent.

Even if mackerel-agent has already been introduced into the integration target’s EC2, host information from Mackerel is automatically integrated and registered as the same host. It will not be counted twice as a billable host.

However, you'll need to use mackerel-agent version 0.34.0 or later.

In the case of EC2, if you prefer detailed monitoring over simple monitoring with AWS integration, we recommend installing mackerel-agent.

For more details on how to configure, refer to the help page below.

We plan to continually expand target products for AWS Integration.

mackerel-agent 0.34.0 release

  • Usecustom_identifier to control the number of retries during host identification
  • Fixed the issue where checker was called for a large amount when returned from sleep
  • Messages for check monitoring reduced to a maximum of 1024 characters
  • Other small modifications

Now accepting applications for the Mackerel Hands-On Seminar

We’ve started accepting applications for the “Mackerel Hands-On Seminar” where you can learn monitoring configurations and alert correspondence through actual hands-on practice. (Japanese only)

The instructor will be me, id:a-know.

I’ll be covering topics ranging from the very basics of server monitoring to actual monitoring configurations used for Mackerel. There’s going to be a raffle as well, so you should definitely apply!