We released the Amazon SQS integration and more

Hello, Mackerel Team CRE (Customer Reliability Engineer) Inoue (id:a-know) here.

Here is this week’s update information.

“Mackerel” received Japan’s first AWS DevOps Competency certification

Mackerel has acquired “AWS DevOps Competency” certification under the AWS partner system “AWS Partner Competency Program”.

Mackerel is the first service from a company in Japan to acquire “AWS DevOps Competency” certification.

Mackerel’s vision includes not only “server monitoring” but also promoting the efficiency of DevOps in “infrastructure management” and the day-to-day, dynamically changing infrastructure environment, so we are extremely pleased with this certification.

We released the Amazon SQS integration

Amazon SQS is newly supported for host integration targets in AWS integration.

The AmazonSQSReadOnlyAccess policy needs to be added to the IAM Role. See also the help below.

In Mackerel’s AWS integration, tags can be used to narrow down which cloud products are integration targets. But since Amazon SQS cannot give tags to queues (AWS specifications), please note that this narrowing down cannot be done.

The alert notification now includes an organization name

The notice to the notification channel, such as Slack, now includes the target organization name.


We think that it will be more convenient for those who are managing across multiple organizations in particular.

Quotation marks are no longer required in the expression specified in “customize graph”, “expression-based monitoring”

For the “expression” that can be specified in “customize graph”, which can define a graph to be displayed using a function expression, or “expression-based monitoring”, which can create monitoring rules for metrics derived using a function expression, quotation marks are no longer required for things such as the metric name. Specific examples are shown below.

  • Before update
    • “timeShift (avg (role(‘example: db’, ‘loadavg5’)), ‘1w’)”
  • After update
    • “timeShift (avg (rol (example: db, loadavg5)), 1w)”

“Customize graph” and “expression-based monitoring” are still experimental functions, but we will make improvements like this to make them more reliable and convenient to use.

Updated mackerel-agent-plugins, mkr

The update details are as follows. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed!

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.33.0

  • mackerel-plugin-nvidia-smi added to the package
  • [accesslog] now able to specify the log format (ltsv or apache)
  • mackerel-plugin-flume added
  • [mysql] handlers , transaction handler graph added

mkr v0.19.0

  • [mkr fetch] It is now possible to support even when many host IDs are specified
  • It now refers to the apibase specification in mackerel-agent.conf
    • If -apibase is specified as an argument, it is given priority
    • If nothing is specified, the request destination will be

Next week is Mackerel Week ! It will be jammed with events

Mackerel/NewRelic/Elasticsearch Seminar

First of all, Monday, September 25. We’ll hold a Mackerel/NewRelic/Elasticsearch Seminar at a venue provided by Recruit Technology!

At the moment, you can still apply under “blog quota” or “general quota (cannot be canceled on the day before or same day)”. It’s a very valuable opportunity to learn about “monitoring” as seen from three products of different stripes. Don’t miss it!

Mackerel Drink Up #6 Osaka

And on Tuesday, September 26th is Mackerel Drink Up #6 in Osaka!

This Drink Up will be held at a venue provided by MOTEX in Kansai! Many Mackerel staff will be taking part, so we’d like to communicate with you directly! People living in the Kansai area, please join us!

AWS CloudRoadShow 2017 Nagoya

And on Wednesday, September 27, Mackerel will also exhibit at AWS CloudRoadShow 2017 in Nagoya.

AWS Cloud Roadshow 2017 名古屋 powered by Intel® 広島、大阪、名古屋、福岡の 4 都市を巡る無料クラウドカンファレンス開催! | アマゾン ウェブ サービス

Both CRE members of the Mackerel team will be attending this venue. “I’m interested in Mackerel, but I’m not sure what it can do” – if that’s you and you’re in the Nagoya area, we’ll be waiting for your visit!