AWS WAF (v1 / v2) now supported with AWS Integration

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here with another update announcement.

AWS WAF (v1 / v2) now supported with AWS Integration

Various WAF metrics can now be monitored with AWS integration!

Billable targets are determined using a conversion of 1 Web Access Control List = 1 Micro Host. Available metrics are listed in the help page linked below.

Now, it’s possible to monitor requests processed by Web Application Firewall and more. We hope this will help with monitoring services and various metrics of web applications under the protection of WAF!

Specifications changed so that values larger than 100% are no longer registrable for thresholds of metric rate monitors

This was previously announced in an earlier post on this blog. For more details, check out the notice linked below.

Content added to alert notifications of Amazon EventBridge and Webhook

In Mackerel, you can send alert notifications not only by email or Slack, but with other services like Amazon EventBridge and Webhook as well. With this update, the following items are now included in notifications sent with Amazon EventBridge or Webhook.

  • (EventBridge notifications only)Instance ID
  • Alert ID

Amazon EventBridge and Webhook are both extremely useful features regarding all sorts of automation. Of course, it’s best to look into the cause of a problem when they occur, but if that’s not possible, automating the response can be really helpful. We highly recommended that you take a moment and consider whether or not you could benefit from a little automation.

Windows version of mackerel-agent installer change to 64bit version

The Windows version of mackerel-agent installer that can be downloaded from the New Host Registration Screen in the Mackerel Web console has been changed to the 64-bit version. The installation folder has been changed to C:\Program Files\Mackerel. Even if you are currently using the 32-bit version, you can upgrade by using this.

If you wish to continue using the 32-bit mackerel-agent installer, you can download it from the official document linked below.