AssumeRole now supported in AWS Integration・Connectivity monitoring specifications have been modified etc.

Hey! Mackerel sales engineer, id:a-know here with this week’s release content.

Now accepting applications for Mackerel Meetup #8!

As you can probably gather from the logo, Mackerel has released its 8th Meetup event celebrating its 2nd anniversary last September!

For the venue, we’ve rented out the seminar room of fellow Mackerel user, freee K.K. We are also pleased to announce that freee K.K. and Sansan, Inc. will be taking the podium to present on topics such as “New features”, “automation”, and “cost-down”!

Time Title Presenter
19:30-19:50 New feature “Meta-data” bringing about next generation infrastructure management Hatena Co., Ltd. Mackerel Producer, Hiromichi Sugiyama (id:sugiyama88)
19:50-20:10 Automation and uniform management with Mackerel Sansan Inc. Operations Department Development Group, Takao Mizutani
20:10-20:30 From Zabbix to Mackerel, and realized cost-down with Mackerel freee K.K. Infrastructure Team, Manabu Sakai

There’ll also be some food and LT! Since the participants for this event will be chosen by a lottery, even if you apply first, everyone has the same chance of participating! And not only the Tokyo members, but the Kyoto Mackerel team will also be attending this Meetup, so by all means, come!

AssumeRole now supported in AWS Integration

You can now authenticate AWS Integration via AssumeRole, a mechanism for authority delegation of AWS IAM. By registering a role to allow access only to Mackerel’s system, you can now use AWS Integration with more peace of mind.

For the procedure on how to use AWS Integration via AssumeRole, check out the following help page.

Connectivity monitoring specifications have been modified

We made this announcement in a previous blog entry, but specifications of connectivity monitoring (connectivity alerts) have been modified to “If posts of system metrics aren’t made beyond the fixed time, a connectivity alert will occur”.

Due to this change of specifications, a connectivity alert will no longer occur for hosts that have not had mackerel-agent installed such as hosts linked through AWS Integration.

Consider a case where custom metrics are sent from an environment separate from the host being monitored by mackerel-agent. Even if the host goes down while the custom metrics keep being sent, you will still be able to receive connectivity alerts. Our change to connectivity monitoring specifications supports real-life situations even more.

id:Songmu makes a podcast appearance!

Hatena’s chief engineer and Mackerel’s director, id:Songmu, made an appearance on the Cloud Infrastructure Podcast hosted by @sawanoboly.

Regarding Mackerel, he starts off talking about its overview followed by development with the Go language and finally about future visions. By all means, check it out!