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2-step authentication when logging in is now possible・Release of mackerel-agent 0.33.0

Hello! Mackerel sales engineer, id:a-know here. This is my first blog entry for Mackerel!

Yesterday was the first annual Mountain day. How did everyone enjoy the national holiday? I decided to work on a hobby of mine and before I knew it… the day was over.

It looks like quite a few people took today off as well in order to have a nice long weekend! To all you on vacation and even those of you still stuck at the office, be careful in this heat and have a great weekend!

2-step authentication when logging in is now possible

You can now enable 2-step authentication for your Mackerel account. With this, you can configure an authentication code obtained from your device, in addition to your username and password, to be required when signing-in.

Configuration can be done from the screen after logging in to Mackerel, or from “Account settings” located at the top right-hand side of the user menu.

For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the help page below.

Mackerel is continually improving security in order to give more customers the confidence when using our products.

mackerel-agent 0.33.0 release

  • Now automatically fills and sends the custom_identifier when running on AWS EC2.

Try out AWS Integration and enter our T-shirt/Polo present campaign!

This announcement is a continuation from last week, but we’re still in the middle of our T-shirt/Polo present campaign! (Japanese only)

By all means, try out AWS Integration with our Trial plan and let us know your thoughts and opinions by filling out the survey!