Execution intervals for check monitoring can now be designated

July has arrived.

We still have about half a year left in 2016 and we will continue to develop features for Mackerel!

Here is this week’s update.

Execution intervals for check monitoring can now be designated

mackerel-agent 0.32.0 has been released.

check_interval has been added to the config file. It is now possible to optionally designate the execution interval of check monitoring (it was previously executed every minute).

Add the following to the check monitoring config settings.

command = "ruby /path/to/check-ssh.rb"
notification_interval = 60
max_check_attempts = 3
check_interval = 5

The initial value of check_interval is 1 (minute), but can be set at a value from 1 to 60. In the event that a value outside of this range is designated, values less than 1 will be 1 and values more than 60 will be 60.

For more information about check monitoring, visit the help page.

Display specifications have changed for when the # wildcard is included in graph definitions

If the wildcard # is included in the graph definitions, that section will be treated as the group name when the graph is displayed like the image shown below.

Up until now, when only one type of group existed for the sent metrics, it was not displayed as a group.

With this update, the group name will be displayed even if there’s only one type of metric group.

Check out the following help page for more about custom metric names and wildcards.