Offset function added to customized graphs・User can now be specified in the agent’s plugin

On July 24th, an event called July Tech Festa 2016 is being held. (Unfortunately, the event website is only offered in Japanese)

Hatena has become a sponsor for the event and our very own director, id:Songmu, is scheduled to give a presentation.

If you plan to attend the event, you should definitely say hello.

Here is this week’s update.

Offset function added to customized graphs

Offset is a function that adds a constant to the specified metrics.

Offset has been added to the usable functions in customized graphs.

Sometimes making the incremental difference more prominent for an up and down graph with a small range of large values, like from 10,000 to 10,100 for example, is desired. In this case, you can draw up a graph excluding 10000 that will become a point of reference by setting offset(metric, -10000).

For more information on customized graphs, please refer to the following help page.

User can now be specified in mackerel-agent’s plugin

mackerel-agent 0.32.1 has been released.

You can now specify the user running the plugin.

command = "/path/to/example"
notification_interval = 10
user = "mackerelio"

By specifying as shown above, the plugin will be run by the specified user.

-metric-key-prefix option support for mysql plugin

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.21.2 has been released.

You can now designate -metric-key-prefix in mackerel-plugin-mysql. As a result, when running multiple mysql on a single server, metrics can be graphed separately using -metric-key-prefix.

Other changes to mackerel-agent-plugins are as follows.

  • mackerel-plugin-mysql: -metric-key-prefix option support
  • README modification for several plugins