Percentile Function Now Available in Expressions, Changes to Check Monitoring Notifications

There are many Mackerel users that are involved in systems development.

Recently, we have received a lot of questions from users about the development process behind us successfully releasing updates 100 weeks in a row.

It makes us very happy that our users are not just interested in Mackerel as a product, but that they want to know just how it's made as well.

Here is this week's Mackerel update.

Percentile Function Now Available in Expressions

We have added the percentile function to the list of functions available for customized graphs and expression-based monitoring.

For monitoring such as metric monitoring for roles, an alert is triggered if at least one server exceeds its threshold. However, one server performing abnormally does not necessarily affect the service entirely, so there can be times when you would want to only have an alert be triggered when multiple servers exceed their thresholds.

At times like this, using the percentile function provides a more flexible solution to monitoring collections of metrics such as roles.

For further details on expressions, please check out the Help document below.

Changes to Check Monitoring Notifications

As we mentioned last week, there have been changes to the alert notifications for check monitoring.

  • Previously: The user receives an alert notification when either the status or message changes
  • Current: The user will only be notified on status changes; only the alert detail screen will be updated on message changes

If you require periodic notifications for certain alerts, we recommend changing the notification_interval settings as you will not be notified of message changes unless the status also changes.

Release of the mackerel-agent and plugins

We have released mackerel-agent, mackerel-agent-plugins, mackerel-check-plugins, mkr. The updates we have made are listed below.

mackerel-agent 0.31.2

  • Fixed the problem where processes stop when updating the agent for Debian
  • Added the "silent" option which suppresses output to INFO and WARNING logs
  • Changed the error level for failing to obtain spec/spec.go from ERROR to WARNING

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.21.0

  • mackerel-plugin-php-fpm: added
  • mackerel-plugin-redis: password authentication now supported
  • mackerel-plugin-fluentd: plugin-type and plugin-id-pattern options added
  • mackerel-plugin-xentop: fixed calculation method for when obtaining the CPU

mackerel-check-plugins 0.6.2

  • Fixed the parse error for the -r option

mkr 0.11.2

  • Added expressions (for expression-based monitoring) to monitors
  • Fixed the issue where the operator was encoded when outputting the JSON for monitors to standard output

Thank you for all the pull requests!