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Standard plan price and service revision notice

How are things going now that the cherry blossoms have started to bloom?

I would like to sincerely thank you for always choosing Mackerel.

My name is Sugiyama, and I am Mackerel’s Product Manager.

With this week’s update, we would like to notify you about important revisions made to the Standard plan.

Thanks to all of you, the discount campaign mentioned the other day was a success that brought in a lot of new users to Mackerel.

Although this campaign was a limited time offer, due to the high popularity, we have received an overwhelming amount of extension requests from customers. And in response to those requests, we have decided to continue the rate offered in the campaign even after its conclusion. On top of that, the service metrics limit was increased from 100 to 200.

We hope that more customers take advantage of using Mackerel with this opportunity.

Revision content follows below.

Standard plan fee

Previously: ¥2,000/host monthly (tax included)

Now: ¥1,800/host monthly (tax included)

This change is automatically applied to all existing Standard plans (previously: ¥2,000).

Standard plan service metrics count

Previously: 100

Now: 200

If the limit is exceeded, then every 200 metrics will be charged at one host portion.

Thank you again for your continued use of Mackerel.