Standard Plan Revision and Promotional Discount Campaign

Mackerel's Standard plan has been changed. The new changes are below.

  • We have extended the number of days data can be displayed
  • We changed the standard payment system used when beginning a new contract
  • We have launched a promotional discount campaign

Graph Display Period Extended

The graph display period for the Standard plan has been extended as shown below. Standard plan users can now view graphs as far back as the same month of the previous year.

Old: 365 Days
New: 400 Days

This change will be applied to all existing Standard plans automatically. Data that has already been stored can be viewed, so we hope those of you that have been using Mackerel for over a year will make use of this new feature.

Standard Payment System When Beginning a New Contract Changed

We have made metered billing (deferred payments) the standard payment method.

Standard plan users thus far have declared how many servers they expect to use per month and prepaid for that amount each month. With metered billing becoming standard, users only have to pay for the number of hosts they actually use.

Since the payment method is changed when a plan is explicitly selected, users' current payment methods will not be switched automatically.

More information on the conversion method for the number of hosts used and the FAQ concerning plans are located at the end of this entry. Please review them before making your decision on which payment method to use.

Discount Campaign until 3/25 (Friday)

Using this as an opportunity to facilitate more customers using our service, we are offering the Standard plan at a discount for a limited time to new customers.

In addition, this discount will also be applied to existing Standard plan customers who change their plan.

Discount price: ¥2,000 ¥1,800 per month per host (tax included)

Campaign Applicable Conditions:

  • Customers who already receive a volume discount are not eligible for this promotion
  • Customers who use KCPS Mackerel are not eligible for this promotion
  • This promotion is for new customers who begin using the Standard plan by March 25, 2016 JST (Friday)
  • The discount price will continue to be applied even after the promotional campaign has ended

We hope you do not miss out on this chance. Please contact if you have any questions.

Metered Plan FAQ

How is the number of billable hosts calculated?

The number of hosts is calculated by the moving average for the past month. This is the average number and not the maximum simultaneous activated number or total number. For example, usage fees are not drastically increased even when implementing Blue-Green Deployment.

Additional hosts will also be converted if host and service metrics are large. Please refer to "Calculating the Number of Hosts" for more information.

What am I billed for when the moving average is a decimal?

The moving average is rounded up when it comes out to a decimal. For example, if the moving average is 3.7 servers, you will be charged for 4 servers.

In addition, customers are billed the minimum usage fee for 1 server even when the moving average is 0. As a result, customers are billed for 1 server minimum when subscribed to the Standard plan in order to use external URL monitoring even if no hosts are registered.

What is the timing of payments?

Customers are billed on the first day of each month according to the previous month’s actual usage. For the first month of the contract, the usage fee is calculated by taking into account the number of usage days until the end of the month from the contract start date.

What happens if I change my plan from prepaid to metered?

The timing of your payments will change.

Customers who used the older prepaid plan were billed for their usage fee for each month on the same day as the start date of the contract every month. The metered plan is billed on the first day of each month.

If the customer changes their plan from prepaid to metered, billing will occur beginning with the month after the end date of the last prepaid month. This bill will be the first for the metered billing plan.

Example: A prepaid plan billed on the 10th of each month is switched over to a metered plan on January 25th.

  • February 1st: No billing occurs (the prepaid amount from the previous month covers the plan until February 10th)
  • February 10th: No billing occurs (because the plan has been switched over to metered billing)
  • March 1st: Metered billing for the first time (usage fee for the period from February 10th to the end of February)
  • The monthly usage fee is billed on the first day of each month thereafter