Auto-reloading of embedded graphs・mackerel-agent’s support for multiple IP addresses・ API to obtain Organization name etc

Here is this week’s Mackerel update.

Embedded graphs have become auto-reloading

In Mackerel, links to embeddable iframes can be obtained for each graph. These links can be posted to places such as Mackerel’s dashboard and an in-house system’s wiki.

Up until now, if you wanted to reload a graph, the whole page had to be reloaded.

With this update, graphs in iframes have become auto-reloading.

No special settings are needed. The changes have already been applied to everything presently in use with iframe graphs. (Reloads do not occur if the display range time is configured)

Organization Name Retrieval API addition

An API for Organization use has been newly added.

With this, an Organization’s name can be obtained from the API and the management of using multiple Organizations becomes easier.

For more details, check out the help page linked below.

mackerel-agent can now obtain multiple IP addresses

Up until now, only a single IP address from a single NIC was able to be obtained. With this update, in the case of a NIC with multiple IP addresses configured, all can be obtained and transmitted to Mackerel.

The transmitted IP address can be checked in the host details and so forth and obtained from the API.

This feature can be used in mackerel-agent 0.30.0 or later.

initsubcommand addition to mackerel-agent

The init subcommand has been added to mackerel-agent. The API key can be configured as shown below.

mackerel-agent init -apikey=xxxxxxxxxxx [-conf=mackerel-agent.conf]

If the conf file configured in -confdoes not exist, then a new one will be created.

This feature can be used in mackerel-agent 0.30.0 or later.

Statistics can now be obtained from the stats API in mackerel-plugin-docker

Docker statistics can now be obtained from the API.

For versions not supporting the stats API, the metrics will be obtained through the cgroup file system like before.

In addition, optional configurations for API (stats API) or File (cgroup’s file system) are possible in the -method option. Mackerel-agent’s Docker image has also been updated to version 0.30.0 ( )

Check out the updated help page for the details.

Other updates for mackerel-agent and mackerel-agent-plugin follow below.

mackerel-agent 0.30.0

  • Obtaining multiple IP addresses
  • init subcommand addition
  • Deletion of the acquisition of uptime (use mackerel-plugin-uptime)
  • Deletion of the acquisition of sensu.checks.*
  • Deletion of the acquisition of cpu’s flags

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.19.0

  • mackerel-plugin-docker: the use of stats API
  • mackerel-plugin-mailq addition
  • mackerel-plugin-mysql: capacity metric addition
  • mackerel-plugin-redis: capacity metric addition
  • mackerel-plugin-plack: metric-key-prefix metric-label-prefix option addition
  • mackerel-plugin-jvm: the hang-up problem when jps, jinfo, jstat time-out has been fixed

A big thanks to everyone who made pull requests!

Getting rid of the alert search

As a result of our careful examination of the current search feature's use condition, we decided to exclude alerts from the search. With this, the search speed has improved.

To search for an alert, use the alert table which has the ability to narrow down alerts.