High contrast color themes for users who have difficulty distinguishing certain colors

People often say that winters in Kyoto are particularly cold, but so far this year actually hasn’t been too bad. We’ve had a good many warm days, and overall it’s been a gentle transition into winter.

I’m sure there a lot of you out there who are feeling exhausted from all the holiday parties. 2015 is almost done; it’s the home stretch.

And now for this week’s Mackerel update.

New color themes for users who have difficulty distinguishing certain colors

When viewing multiple metrics displayed overlapping each other in graphs, each metric is displayed in a different color, but we realized that for some people, graph colors might be difficult to differentiate from one another.

To combat that issue we’ve added two new high contrast themes which make it easier to tell one metric from another.

Mackerel’s theme can be changed in Account Settings under the User Interface tab.

Themes that have been added are “racing” and “electricity”.

In the User Interface settings, themes with the icon shown below are high contrast themes.

We hope these new themes will make viewing and using graphs easier for everyone.

If you’ve tried out all of the currently available themes and are still finding the user interface difficult to view, please let us know and we’ll be sure to respond right away.

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