The frequency of permission checks when using IAM role authentication for AWS integration has been changed and more

Hello, I am Nishiyama (id:tukaelu) from Mackerel's CRE team. This announcement contains the details of our latest update.

The frequency of permission checks when using IAM role authentication for AWS integration has been changed.

For environments that are using IAM role authentication for AWS integration, we have increased the frequency of checks to ensure that the IAM role is not being granted permissions beyond what is required when retrieving metrics.

This is part of our efforts to launch a platform with stronger permission checks for AWS integration as announced recently in the following article. Please refer to the following article for more information.

With this change, "Unauthorized Operation" errors will now be recorded along with the increased frequency of logs being exported to CloudTrail from the permission checks. Please be assured that the permission checks are carried out via dry-runs of the CreateInternetGateway API and do not involve the actual creation of resources from Mackerel.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our users by making this change to Mackerel, and we seek your understanding that this is necessary for improved security.

The "-workers" option has been added to mackerel-plugin-fluentd.

If you have multiple workers running on Fluentd, you can now retrieve the respective metrics for each worker (the default is 1).

When monitoring multiple workers by specifying 2 or more for "-workers," the names of the workers will be added to the metric name. Please note that this will make it different from the metric name in the past.

Please refer to the plugin's "readme" for more information.

The Chef/Ruby versions supported by cookbook-mackerel-agent have been updated.

We have previously supported Ruby 2.3 and later, as well as Chef 13.x and 14.x, but these versions have reached end-of-life. In view of this, the following versions will be supported moving forward.

  • Ruby 2.6, 2.7
  • Chef 16.x

Please refer to the following repository for more information.

Customer support will not be available during part of the Obon holidays.

As mentioned in our previous announcement, Mackerel's official customer support helpdesk (which you can get in touch with via the "Contact Support Team" link in the top right corner of the header when you are logged in to Mackerel, or via email at will not be available during the following period.

Period during which customer support will not be available: August 12th (Thursday) to August 13th (Friday), 2021

We will respond to all enquiries received during this period from August 16th (Monday), 2021. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.