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Monitoring logs with mackerel-check-plugins, reminder notifications for connectivity alerts, etc.

It’s “leaf watching” season here in Kyoto, meaning people come from all over to see all the beautiful fall colors. We get a lot of tourism in Kyoto, but this season is one of the busiest, so much so that it’s sometimes difficult for people traveling on business to make hotel reservations in town. I don’t mind it though, it’s cool to actually get to live in a city that so many people come a long way to see.

And now for this week’s Mackerel update.

Monitoring logs with mackerel-check-plugins

mackerel-check-plugins 0.1.0 has been released.

With this release, log monitoring has been added.

By using the newly added check-log, you can set up monitoring to detect any arbitrary character string in a targeted log using regular expressions and transmit that data to Mackerel. With this, you can get notifications from Mackerel in response to the status of your monitoring target log.

For example you could use this for reporting fatal errors in an application’s log, “payment failure”, and some other kind of specific error message as alerts.

For more information please refer to the Help documentation.

Help documentation for process monitoring has been published

We have added a new how-to for process monitoring with mackerel-check-plugins to the Help documents.

In it you will find the procedure for monitoring your servers’ processes using check-procs.

For more information please refer to the following Help document.

Reminder notifications for connectivity alerts

Last week we released features for setting up reminder notifications for metric monitoring and external URL monitoring. With this update reminder notifications can also be configured for connectivity monitoring.

By configuring reminder notification intervals in your monitor settings, reminder notifications will be sent after a set period of time for open alerts.

※ With alert reminder notifications, only alerts that occur after you have configured reminder notifications will be affected; past alerts will not send reminder notifications.

The URL invitation feature has been fully discontinued

In previous posts we explained our reasoning behind gradually phasing out the URL member invitation feature, and now with this update the feature has been fully discontinued.

This means that all URL invitations, even ones that have already been issued, will now be unusable.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to make Mackerel more secure.