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Incremental discontinuation of the URL member invitation feature

Until now, there have been two ways in which users could invite members to join an organization, invitation by email, and invitation via URL. At this time we have decided to discontinue the use of URL invitations.

Our thinking behind this is that, invitation URLs are permanent and it’s possible for anyone to use them, so the risk of unintentionally leaking an invitation URL is high.

Enforcement Procedure

We are planning to incrementally discontinue this feature following the time table below.

  • Removal of URL invitation from the Mackerel interface
    • Thursday, October 8th, 2015
  • Voiding of all existing invitation URLs
    • October 2015. Concrete dates for this haven’t been decided yet.

Taking into account transition time for users, there will be a grace period between URL invitations being removed from the Mackerel interface and existing URLs being voided. As for when exactly the URLs will be voided, the date of enforcement will be decided while taking into consideration access and enquiries from users.

Strengthening Mackerel’s invitation features

Even though we will be discontinuing the URL invitation feature, there is a strong possibility we will be improving and expanding invitation functionality with the features below. When they will be implemented is yet to be decided but we will be adding new features sequentially.

  • Viewing list of pending invitations
  • Revoking invitations
  • User invitation API

For those users who will be especially inconvenienced by this change, please get in touch with us at Mackerel Support.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your understanding as we work to make Mackerel more secure.