Memos left for monitoring rules can now be seen in alert notifications

Hello! Sales engineer id:Soudai here.

The weather has really started to warm up over the last week and I’m sure a lot of people will be out and about to see the cherry blossoms this weekend. I’m looking forward to taking a stroll myself and enjoying spring atmosphere.

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Memos left for monitoring rules can now be seen in alert notifications

We’ve expanded upon the recently released memo feature for monitoring rules. Memos are now also displayed in the alert details screen and notification channel when alerts occur. The channels that display monitor memos from alert notifications are as follows.

  • Slack
  • HipChat
  • ChatWork
  • Typetalk
  • OpsGenie
  • Reactio
  • Yammer

Whether identifying alert content or for maintenance purposes, alerts will become very clear. By all means, give it a try.

With the ability to write yourself a note on how to handle the next alert, possible causes, etc., this feature can be extremely useful.

Slack notifications

Alert details screen

mkr command v0.14.5 has been released

Color has been added to part of the output result when the Windows version mkr command is executed. This makes things a lot easier to understand when viewing the alerts list. For those of you who haven’t been using the mkr command, definitely give it a try.


The following have also been released

  • go-check-plugins v0.9.7 has been released
  • Parameter check fixed
  • mackerel-agent v0.41.3 has been released
  • Windows version stabilized

A joint Hands-On Seminar for 3 services

Mackerel, AWS, and Twilio will hold a joint hands-on seminar on Tuesday, April 25th. Definitely consider applying if you meet any of the following:

  • Infrastructure engineers and application engineers
  • Those who are interested in, but do not have experience in server monitoring or monitoring related work
  • Those who are interested in optimizing the server monitoring and notification systems of their company
  • Those who might have heard of “Mackerel”, but aren’t exactly sure what it is
  • Those who are interested in creating an automated system with AWS Lambda
  • Those interested in automatic calls with Twilio

For more information about this hands-on seminar, please check out the application site below. Sales engineer id:a-know will be presenting for Mackerel, so look forward to that!

We hope to see you there!