Alert notification intervals released, and other updates

It’s almost Halloween!

The decorations are out and there’s a mysterious, almost spooky atmosphere in the Hatena office…

Unfortunately we can’t deliver buckets of candy with this week’s update, but we do have a lot of new features and updates to tell you about. Even better!

Setting up alert notification intervals

Until now notifications of active alerts would only be sent once each time the status of the alert changed. Now, by configuring alert notification intervals in the monitor settings, notifications for active alerts will be continuously re-sent after a designated period of time.

In chat tools where notifications can easily got lost in the stream of messages and overlooked, notifications will now be re-sent continuously until the alert is closed.

This feature can be used with metric monitoring and external monitoring as well.

Data from before service registration now displayed in graphs

Until now, even if past data had been posted to service metric graphs, only data from the day when the service was registered and on would be displayed. With this week’s update, data from before when the service was registered will be displayed in graphs as well.

Service metrics can now be easily used for the purpose of importing individually aggregated past data.

Addition of trafficserver and aws-elasticsearch to mackerel-agent-plugins; support for Java8

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.14.1 has been released

Two new plugins have been added and jvm and xentop have been updated. Update details are as follows.

  • mackerel-plugin-trafficserver has been added
  • mackerel-plugin-aws-elasticsearch has been added
  • mackerel-plugin-jvm graph definition now supports Java8
  • wildcards can now be used in metric name definitions for mackerel-plugin-xentop

mysql has been added to mackerel-check-plugins

mackerel-check-plugins 0.0.5 has been released. With this release, check-mysql has been added.

mackerel-agent and mkr releases

mackerel-agent and mkr version updates have been released.

Details regarding both releases are as follows.

  • mackerel-agent 0.24.0

    • added support for collecting CPU information in the old ARM Linux kernel
    • fixed a bug where an error would occur when creating a pid file
  • mkr 0.7.0

    • bug fixes

A big thank you to everyone who made pull requests to help make these OSS product releases possible.

Enter multiple lines of text in memos

It’s now possible to enter multiple lines of text in memos, which can be attached to hosts, roles, and services.

With this you can now attach more specific descriptions to your Mackerel assets.