AWS integration now supports CodeBuild, and more

Hello, this is Nishiyama (id:tukaelu), Mackerel team CRE, writing to inform you about the contents of this update.

AWS integration now supports CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild has been added as a service supported by the AWS integration. With it, you can set a threshold for the time it takes to build an application, and configure an alert notification if there is a violation.

Please refer to the documentation below for details on available metrics and important notes.

Added functionality to display the threshold line in the graph on the details screen for external monitoring alerts when response time monitoring is enabled

When there is an external monitoring alert triggered by the violation of a response time threshold, a dotted line showing the threshold value is now displayed in the graph of the alert.

We will continue making improvements to Mackerel that help users to better visualize monitoring results.

Some screen URLs have changed

The URLs of the following screens have been changed due to UI renovations.

Screen URL before change URL after change
Monitoring rule details (Monitors) /monitors#monitor={MonitoringRuleID} /monitors/{MonitoringRuleID}
Notification channel creation (Channels) /channels?new={NotificationServiceName} /channels/-/create#{NotificationServiceName}
Notification channel editing (Channels) /channels#channel={ChannelID} /channels/{ChannelID}

If you have posted links to monitoring rules or notification channels on custom dashboards or other places, they will no longer work with the old URL format. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you replace them with the new URLs.