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Leave a memo on the screen when manually closing an alert・Managment features for members with pending invitations etc

“Material Kyoto”, is a co-working space located right between the Hatena Kyoto office and JR Kyoto Station.

MTRL Kyoto

Using the machinery available at Material Kyoto, a former staff of the Mackerel team made us this awesome present!

It’s a magnet made from a laser cutter.

This year we are looking forward to making more official Mackerel goods.

Here is this week’s Mackerel update.

Leave a memo when manually closing an alert

Until now, the optional memo feature when manually closing an alert was only offered through an API. Now the feature is available from the screen as well.

When manually closing an alert, input can be made from the displayed modal window.

For input memos, “the reason for manually closing” is displayed on the alert screen like shown below.

Members with pending invitations now have management capabilities

The management of member invitations to organizations has improved.

The following operations can be done to members with pending invitations.

  • Status display of pending invitation
  • Invitation cancellation
  • Resending of invitation mail
    • This results in re-creating the invitation token and renewing the expiration date