Official support for mackerel-agent Windows; Permalinks for custom metrics

It’s October, and Fall is in the air here in sunny Kyoto.

Pretty soon all the businesses in town will be getting ready for the coming tourist season. Personally I’m looking forward to watching the leaves change, one of my favorite things about Fall!

And now for this week’s Mackerel update.

Use of Mackerel for Windows is now officially supported

Up until now we have been offering mackerel-agent for Windows environments as an experimental feature, but with this update it has been made an officially supported feature of Mackerel.

Versions of Windows from Windows 2008 Server R2 and after are supported.

For more information please refer to these Help documents.

Permalink completion! Custom metric graphs

One by one we’ve made permalinking functionality available for role graphs, host metric graphs, and service metric graphs. With this release we’ve completed the set. Now users will be able to get permalinks for custom metric graphs as well.

This handy feature is great for sharing metrics within your development team.

mackerel-agent 0.23.1 has been released

With Windows now being officially supported, we’ve added a digital signature to the msi version of mackerel-agent. The agent itself is the same as 0.23.0, for those who are using 0.23.0 no actions will need to be taken.