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Graph images in HipChat notifications, addition of user password strength check, and other updates

This week’s Mackerel update:

HipChat notifications can now be configured to post graph images with alerts

Here at Mackerel our development team has been moving forward with integrating the graph image notifications feature with all of Mackerel’s notification channels one at a time.

Now, in addition to Slack, we are pleased to say that graph image notifications will also be an option for HipChat users as well.

This feature can be turned on or off in the HipChat channel settings menu.

Moving forward we are planning to continue integration of this feature with the other notification channels as well in the near future.

Password strength check added to password creation process

In keeping with our policy of strengthening security, a password strength check will now be done when setting a new password.

Password strength will be checked automatically upon entry of text in the form. Additionally, whether or not the password you have entered conforms with our password policy rules will be seen in real-time below the password entry form.

From now on when setting a new password, it will be necessary that it meets each requirement.

mackerel-agent for Windows beta has been released!

In preparation for the official release of mackerel-agent for Windows, we have released a beta version that includes the following changes and adjustments.

  • changes made to several metric keys
  • changes made to the process of obtaining some metrics
  • addition of more metrics

Our development team is progressively adding to and expanding the features and functionality of mackerel-agent for Windows, looking ahead to an official release in the near future.