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Alert status colors now correspond with our color support themes and more

Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

Happy new year! Here’s to another great year with Mackerel and the Mackerel team!

I hope everyone was able to relax over the New Year holidays. Our first announcement of 2019 is full of new content including a few things from the end of last year as well.

Now on to this week’s update information.

Alert status colors now correspond with our color support themes

Using a high contrast theme, the green color previously used to indicate “OK” for alert statuses has been changed to blue to more easily distinguish from Critical and Warning.

Mackerel Product Manager, Matsuki summarizes Mackerel’s approach to using color support themes in this article featured in the Mackerel Advent Calendar 2018. Check it out in the link below. (Japanese only) (Japanese only)

Graph images can now be displayed with Chatwork notifications

In Chatwork, related graph images can now be displayed with notifications. To enable this feature, check the box option "Alert notification with graph image". This feature is turned on by default.


A field has been added to the Webhook notification payload to return the time at which an alert opened/closed

A new field has been added to the JSON Webhook notification to return the time an alert is opened (alert.openedAt) and the time an alert is closed (alert.closedAt). Both are returned in epoch seconds.

Along with this, if you’re currently using alert.createdAt, we recommend switching to alert.openedAt.

limit parameters can now be specified with the alert list API

A limit parameter has been added that allows you to specify the maximum number of alerts to be retrieved with the alert list API. The maximum number of alerts that can be specified is 100. When this parameter is omitted, up to 100 alerts are retrieved.

Any value greater than 100 will be treated as a Bad Request.