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Notifications with HipChat Server; search by host ID in Mackerel

This week’s Mackerel update:

Mackerel notifications with HipChat Server

Until now it was only possible to have Mackerel notifications sent to HipChat web hosted chats as opposed to in-house hosted HipChat Server chats.

With this update it’s now possible to use HipChat Server with your cloud platform or in-house network to get notifications from Mackerel.

In the HipChat channel notification settings, by entering the endpoint URL in the form below you can have notifications sent to the HipChat Server operating at that endpoint.

The source IP addresses of notifications from Mackerel are in the range of “”. If there is an IP address restriction applied in the environment you are using, please authorize the aforementioned IP address range.

Searching by host ID

Until now it was possible to search within Mackerel only by the name of the host, service, or role, but with this update users will now be able to search by host ID as well. Unlike searching by name, when searching by host ID an exact match will be needed.