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All-black “hacker” theme officially released; search results improved

This week’s Mackerel update:

Mackerel “hacker” theme officially released

The “hacker” theme was originally released as an April Fool’s joke and was only intended to be a temporary feature but…

…it seems to have been quite well received, so we will now be officially offering “hacker” as an alternative to the original “skyscraper” Mackerel theme.

You can change themes by going to your Account Settings and selecting the User Interface tab. ( We’re planning on adding more themes in the future, so we hope you’ll look forward to new releases!

Search results display improved

In the search window it’s now possible to refine your search results by host, service, or roll. Additionally, the search results screen has been reformed, making information visually easier to understand and faster to access that information’s corresponding source.

At Mackerel our aim is to continuously improve our UI by making it more convenient, intuitive, and easy to use.

fluent-plugin-mackerel 0.1.2 has been released

fluent-plugin-mackerel 0.1.2 has been released! With this release, a use_zero_for_empty option has been added to out_keys, which means you can now get 0 as the initial value of any variable. use_zero_for_empty is enabled by default. As a result, if using fluent-plugin-cloudwatch in conjunction with fluent-plugin-mackerel, when a cloudwatch data point is empty the data will be completed as a 0 and sent to Mackerel.