The incremental search speed for metrics has been improved etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

Now on to the update information.

The incremental search speed for metrics has been improved

By entering a keyword in the text box under [Scope] - [Metric] in your Monitor Settings’ detailed settings screen, you can search all metrics for the one you want to use for the monitor. With this update, the search speed has been greatly improved. This improvement was made possible because of the database maintenance conducted on July 18th.

plugin-registry plugins can now be installed automatically with itamae-plugin-recipe-mackerel-agent

It is now possible to automatically install plugin-registry plugins with itamae-plugin-recipe-mackerel-agent. mkr command is required to use this feature.

itamae-plugin-recipe-mackerel-agent is a recipe released as a gem for installing mackerel-agent with itamae. Using itamae makes installing mackerel-agent that much easier.

This plugin-registry is the official plugin registry for useful user-created registered plugins. Registered plugins can be installed with mkr plugin install <plugin_name>.