We are renewing the design of the web console, and more

Hello. This is Igarashi (id:masarasi), writing from Mackerel Team CRE with information about the content of the update.

We are renewing the design of the web console

The Mackerel design team is undertaking a project to renew the web console design. The goal of the project is to enhance ease of use and help users visually grasp key information.

Here we would like to highlight a few design changes, which some users may have already noticed.

Overview of the Dashboard

In the list of alerts displayed in Overview, etc., all alerts are labeled in red "in Progress" and it was difficult to tell at a glance whether the status was Critical or Warning, but the new design makes it easier to understand.

Also, the numbers for the number of alerts and hosts are links to related screens, but they were difficult to understand, so we added ▶ to the design to indicate that there is a link, rather than just a display.


Search for host information, alerts, etc

The design of the search section of the host information and alert list at the top of the host details screen has been unified, including the background color and frame. The boundaries of each item are now easier to understand.

Alert search

Entry form

The new design makes more clear which items have focus in the Settings screen and elsewhere.

Entry form for monitoring rules

Further design updates for ease of use are planned. We thank you for your ongoing support for Mackerel as it continues to evolve!

Numbers widget values can now be highlighted according to reference values

A new setting called "Format Rules" has been added to the Numbers widgets in the Custom Dashboard. Values in the Numbers widget can be highlighted according to reference values set here.

Using this makes changes more noticable at a glance. The Format Rules also accept settings based on the API.

Widget settings screen

Example of highlighted display

Released check-dns plugin to monitor DNS response

In response to numerous requests, we have released the check-dns plugin for monitoring DNS response!

This plugin allows specifying the DNS server to query or the FQDN to be resolved in order to check whether name resolution is possible, as described below.

check-dns -H -s

To perform check monitoring, put the following in mackerel-agent.conf.

command = ["check-dns", "-H", "", "-s", ""]

The check-dns plugin is included with mackerel-check-plugins v0.44.0 and later. To use it, update the check plugin package.

See the README document below for available check-dns options.

Changed the versions of MongoDB supported by mackerel-plugin-mongodb

As announced recently, the versions of MongoDB supported by the mackerel-plugin-mongodb plugin have been changed to the below for mackerel-agent-plugins v0.78.0 and later.

  • MongoDB 3.6 and later (4.0, 4.2, 4.4, 5.0, 6.0)

To monitor a version of MongoDB earlier than the supported versions, use mkr plugin install to install mackerel-plugin-mongodb v1.0.0. Detailed installation instructions are also included in the previous announcement. See the following article as well.

Please note that the support desk is unable to support troubleshooting, etc. under the use of the above method.

Accessibility improved

  • The order of focus in modal buttons has been modified from right-to-left to left-to-right.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that mackerel-plugin-mysql could not get replication information. The fixed version is bundled with mackerel-agent-plugins v0.77.0 or later.