Added alert notification support for Typetalk, sending test notifications, and more.

Added support for Typetalk

Now Typetalk can also be used in conjunction with Mackerel to receive alert notifications! Using Typetalk’s new Bot API which was released today, you can now receive alert notifications in your Typetalk topic. In addition, it’s now possible to have a different emoji appended to each notification you receive depending on status, which can be configured by the user.


Settings can be configured in the Typetalk form in Notification Channels. For more information please refer to our Help page.

In addition, you may also want to check nulab’s announcement.

Sending test notifications

It’s now possible to send test notifications from the Notification Channels Settings page. Quickly and easily confirm that your notification channels are working properly and all settings are correct by sending a test notification to each channel you are using.


Confirm the current value of target metrics directly from the Alert’s page and Alert details window

In the Alert’s list screen and Alert details window, the current value of the metric being targeted by monitoring (loadavg5, CPU%, etc.) is now visible and can be confirmed. Displaying the alert’s graph and numerical value accordingly, it’s now easy to quickly understand the situation at a glance.