Microsoft Teams added to notification channels

Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

This week’s release will come as welcome news for those using Microsoft Teams for team communication.

In the past, we’ve heard from many users requesting the ability to send alert notifications to Microsoft Teams channels. With this release, alert notifications for Microsoft Teams is now supported as a standard function. It’s easy to setup and the alert content is easy to see. Definitely give it a try!

Now on to this week’s update information.

Microsoft Teams added to notification channels

When attempting to integrate alert notifications in Microsoft Teams in the past, mail notifications had to be sent to the email address issued by Microsoft Teams. Although this method worked, we received feedback that the display was partially distorted and it was difficult to use. With this release, the ability to integrate notifications to Microsoft Teams is now available as a standard function. Problems regarding visibility and image loss have also been resolved.

Configurations can be made from the Channel Settings screen.

When an alert occurs, it will be displayed like shown below.

For more details, refer to the Help page.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback.