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Issues with monitoring of CPU usage have been fixed; ChatWork and have been added as notification alert channels, and more updates!

Issues with monitoring of CPU usage have been fixed

From September 9, 2014 to December 2, 2014 there have been regular problems with CPU usage monitoring with mackerel-agent after version 0.7. The source of the problem was when the mackerel-agent updated and the metrics which are sent got reorganized, a bug was caused in the web application which wasn’t properly adjusting to the change in the agent. This problem has now been taken care of.

In the case that the metric being targeted by monitoring has been designated as CPU%, hosts which have had mackerel-agent version 0.7 or later installed on them were not being able to properly carry out this monitoring. Still, other metrics were not being affected and were continuing to operate as normal.

Even after correcting this function, there is still some concern that error alerts may come up again. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

With the aim of preventing a problem like this from arising again, we are continually developing and working to improve the update release process.

Thank you for using Mackerel, we truly appreciate your support!

Now when a monitoring rule’s threshold has been changed, pre-existing alerts will be re-checked

Now, when a monitoring rule’s threshold has been changed, alerts derived from that monitoring rule will be re-checked against the new threshold and, if they are within the range of the new threshold, will be closed out automatically. Alerts will be re-checked dependent on when the agent posts new metrics.

Until now, when a monitoring rule’s threshold was changed, it was necessary to manually close out alerts which were raised under the previously set threshold. Our recent improvements have made doing so no longer necessary, as well as made it easier and simpler to fine-tune your monitoring rules.

ChatWork and have been added as notification alert channels

Alert notification compatibility with ChatWork and have now been added to [Mackerel][].

Linking Mackerel to ChatWork will allow you to receive alert notifications via your group chat, while will notify you either through instant messenger or by iPhone push notification.

Linked below are the set-up pages for each:


For more information please refer to our help pages for setting up (ChatWork and

Displaying a guide to posting service metrics using curl

In the event that not even one service metric has been posted, a guide to posting service metrics can now be displayed using curl which can be copied and pasted into terminal. Executing this code will result in an example service metric graph being created, but if you don’t need it you can delete it by clicking the cog in the upper right hand corner.


For more information about service metrics please refer to our help page for posting service metrics with fluentd.

Now accepting JCB/AMEX/Diners Club Card

Mackerel billing now accepts Visa, Master Card, as well as JCB, American Express, and Diners Club Card.

For more information on the different plans we offer please refer to the Pricing page. For those customers who are monitoring 20 or more hosts with Mackerel, please contact our sales team at