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Embedding host metrics graphs; added compatibility with PagerDuty

Mackerel’s new embed function for host metrics graphs (still in an experimental stage)

We’ve created a new feature allowing Mackerel users to embed host metric graphs into any web page. Now, without having to access Mackerel, you can quickly and easily check on your host resources by embedding a metric graph as an iframe into a page which you regularly access.

How to use it

By selecting the share button in the upper right corner of the graph you want to embed, you can see the HTML to embed the graph which can then then simply copied and pasted.

  • To see the graph it is first necessary to log into Mackerel under the target graph’s authorized account.
  • Work is moving forward on implementing this feature in role and service metric graphs as well.

Addition of PagerDuty to Channels

We’ve added PagerDuty as a channel option for receiving alert notifications. By using PagerDuty’s Integration API to add PagerDuty’s alert functionality to Mackerel, it’s possible to have incidents reported and closed.

PagerDuty can be added to Mackerel by accessing the PagerDuty form through the Channels page.