mackerel-container-agent now supports the Amazon ECS Anywhere environment (beta feature), and more

Hello, this is Miura (id:missasan), Mackerel team CRE, writing to inform you about the contents of this update.

mackerel-container-agent now supports the Amazon ECS Anywhere environment (beta feature)

With the release of mackerel-container-agent v0.7.1, you can now run mackerel-container-agent in the Amazon ECS Anywhere environment.

ECS now supports role assignment by AWS tags

ECS has been added as a supported service to the role assignment feature using AWS tags.

Fixed issue with check monitor requests stalling

mackerel-agent used to wait for 30 seconds before sending the next check monitor results to Mackerel when the queue holding unsent check monitor results was full in order to prevent a large number of requests from being sent at once. Because of that, in an environment with many check monitor settings, the queue could not be handled and kept growing when sending caches that had accumulated after Mackerel maintenance.

The mackerel-agent v0.73.0 release was tuned to increase the number of check monitor results that can be sent at once and shorten the waiting time in order to prevent requests from getting stalled.

This is due to feedback from our users. Thank you for your contribution!

Fixed issue with check-disk accessing the fuse.portal filesystem and causing an error

In go-check-plugins v0.42.2, check-disk has been modified to skip accessing the fuse.portal filesystem. This operation is equivalent to GNU Coreutils.

Customer support will not be available during part of the Obon holidays

As mentioned in our previous announcement, Mackerel's official customer support helpdesk (which you can get in touch with via the "Contact Support Team" link in the top right corner of the header when you are logged in to Mackerel, or via email at will not be available during the following period.

Period during which customer support will not be available: August 11th (Thursday) to August 16th (Tuesday), 2022

We will respond to all enquiries received during this period from August 17th (Wednesday), 2022. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.