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Newly obtainable metrics added for AWS / ElastiCache Integration and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue ( id:a-know) here with another update announcement.

Newly obtainable metrics added for AWS / ElastiCache Integration

These specification changes were announced on this blog a couple of weeks ago, and as scheduled, were released today the 7th. Check out the blog post linked below for details regarding the content.

Graph image URL added to the Webhook notification payload

Alerts that are detected/opened with Mackerel can be linked to various chat services and incident management tools by configuring notification channels. Webhook is one of the notification channels supported by Mackerel.

This mechanism lets you make a POST request for an arbitrary URL using JSON formatted information of the detected alert as the payload.

With this update, the graph image URL imageUrl is now included in the payload. If you’ve customized your notifications with our Webhook notification channel, we hope this helps you make your content even richer!