【Spec Change Notice】New metric targets for AWS / ElastiCache Integration

Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here. Today we are announcing some new specification changes.

As stated in the title, newly obtainable metric targets are being added for AWS / ElastiCache Integration.

These changes may affect your usage fee regarding micro host conversion, particularly when using Redis. Continue reading below for more information.

Specification changes

Host Level metrics

The following metrics will be added.

  • elasticache.network_packets.out

For more information, please refer to the AWS documentation.

Redis metrics

The following metrics will be added.

  • Commands
    • elasticache.redis.commands.eval_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands.geo_spatial_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands.hyper_log_log_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands.pub_sub_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands.stream_based
  • Commands Latency
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.get_type
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.set_type
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.key_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.string_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.hash_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.list_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.set_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.sorted_set_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.eval_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.geo_spatial_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.hyper_log_log_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.pub_sub_based
    • elasticache.redis.commands_latency.stream_based
  • Other
    • elasticache.redis.active_defrag
    • elasticache.redis.cache_hit_rate
    • elasticache.redis.memory_percentage
    • elasticache.redis.average_ttl
    • elasticache.redis.fragmentation_ratio
    • elasticache.redis.replication_bytes
    • elasticache.redis.replication_lag
    • elasticache.redis.save_in_progress

For more information, please refer to the AWS documentation.


As a result of these specification changes, the maximum number of obtainable metrics will increase as outlined below.

  • ElastiCache / Memcached
    • The current number of 39 metrics will increase to 41 metrics.
  • ElastiCache / Redis
    • The current number of 22 metrics will increase to 50 metrics.

Please note, particularly with Redis, that exceeding the metric limit will cause the number to be converted into 2 micro hosts. (For more information regarding host conversion, refer to Handling of host conversion when plan limits are exceeded – Mackerel Support)

You can freely choose which metrics to obtain with AWS integration in the settings. These metrics will be obtained by default, so be sure to manage this as needed.

Scheduled release date

The release which includes these specification changes is scheduled for Monday, September 7th, 2020 (JST) .

These changes were implemented at the request of Mackerel users. We look forward to your feedback (feel free to contact our support team via the Mackerel Web Console).