SES now supported with AWS Integration and more

Mackerel Team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

As was previously announced the other day on this blog, the Mackerel billing system will be updated starting May 2019. A new unit called “micro hosts” will be applied to containers and some cloud components. The price of the micro host has been revised from the previous host unit, and will cost 648 yen (tax included). These revisions to the billing system will make it easier to use containers and various integration functions. For more details regarding the billing system and micro host components, check out the following entry.

Now on to this week’s update information.

SES now supported with AWS Integration

AWS Integration now supports SES. Check out the help page below for more on obtainable metrics and important notes.

Conditions fine-tuned for Anomaly Detection for roles

Detection conditions have been fine-tuned so as to avoid false positives in environments that have little variation from normal such as memory etc.

For details regarding the Anomaly Detection for roles function, refer to the help page linked below.

memory.available can now be displayed in role graphs

Changes were made so that memory.available can now be selected in role graphs. Custom dashboards and more can also be selected.


The issue of text input lag when there are a lot of monitors has been improved

There have been cases of lagging text input, such as contacting the support team, when a large number of monitors are configured in the Monitors page. This behavior has been improved.