Meet the new container-agent mascot and more

Mackerel Team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

To celebrate the recent release of our container-agent, we’ve created a new Mackerel character! As with our existing character agent-si, this new character will appear on service sites, stickers, t-shirts, and other novelty items.

Now on to this week’s update information.

Meet the new container-agent mascot

You’re probably already familiar with Mackerel’s character agent-si. He’s the characterization of mackerel-agent which you install when getting server metrics with Mackerel. (Japanese only)

In February 2019, we released mackerel-container-agent, an agent dedicated for container monitoring. To celebrate, we also released a new character, container-agent-si!


Expect to see the container-agent-si on service sites and novelty items like these stickers. We’ll be passing them out at events!

New stickers! container-agent-si fits right in with agent-si.

container-agent-si was designed by Mackerel team designers id:takuwolog and id:mazco.

container-agent-si is the new mascot of mackerel-container-agent and a sibling to agent-si. As such, you can see some similarities between the two such as their antennae. We used a physical container as a motif for the design, and the sticker’s illustration depicts container-agent-si as if it could transport and put things into a container. Hopefully one of these novelty items will find their way into your hands soon enough!


Specification changes made to the organization’s notification disable setting

As previously announced, changes have been made to the specifications of the organizations’ notification disable setting. Refer to the entry linked below for more details.