Writing memos for service metrics graphs is now possible・Release of cookbook-mackerel-agent

The other day, we ran an exhibit at the Open Source Conference Kyoto (Unfortunately, the website is only offered in Japanese).

The event was held at Kyoto Research Park, where Hatena was established.

This place holds a lot of memories for us and we were happy to see so many people there.

Here is this week’s update.

You can now write memos for service metrics graphs

Similar to role graphs, you can now write memos for service metrics graphs.

Because service metric graphs can be drawn in various ways without using the agent, it might be difficult to figure out exactly what kind of values are being displayed by the graph title alone.

Using the memo feature, understanding the details of service metric graph values and sharing with members has become easier.

cookbook-mackerel-agent 1.2.1 has been released

cookbook-mackerel-agent 1.2.1 has been released.

mackerel-agent Cookbook - Chef Supermarket

You can install the Amazon Linux supported version of mackerel-agent from the cookbook.

T-shirt/Polo present campaign (Japanese only)

Please take the time to fill out our questionnaire about using AWS Integration.

Be sure to fill it out for a chance to win a free Mackerel T-shirt/Polo!