New metrics added for AWS・CloudFront Integration and more

Hello. Mackerel Team’s CRE Miura ( id:missasan ) here with another update announcement.

There is also info about the temporary closure of the support services during the Obon holidays. Please go through it thoroughly.

New metrics added for AWS-CloudFront Integration

In addition to all of the items available up until now, the following metrics can now be monitored as well.

  • TotalErrorRate
  • CloudFront Functions metric added
    • FunctionInvocations
    • FunctionValidationErrors
    • FunctionExecutionErrors
    • FunctionComputeUtilization

Please refer to the following Help document for details on the metrics.

In the AWS Integration Permissions Settings, iam:GetUser is no longer required

When configuring filters using tags in AWS Integration, there is a need to grant additional permissions other than the policies granted for configuring the settings for AWS Integration.

In that process, when configuring settings that require Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, permission for the following action was required. With this update, you no longer need to grant the following permission.

  • iam:GetUser for linked Users

Please find the details of the changes here.

You now have greater control over restrictions on the permissions granted for AWS Integration, so if you have granted the permissions mentioned above, we recommend that you delete them.

Changes requiring check for external IDs when configuring AWS integration

When configuring AWS integration in the web console, the IAM role is now checked to see if it is configured to restrict external IDs.

If the IAM role does not have restrictions for external IDs, the result of the permission check will be displayed as invalid. In such cases, please configure the restrictions on external IDs.


Please refer to the following Help document for the configuration method.

If the IAM role does not have restrictions on external IDs, or if a different ID than the external ID retrieved from Mackerel is configured, you will not be able to register or update AWS integrations via the browser console or API.

As mentioned in our previous article in the link below, we plan to conduct staged releases for Mackerel that will strengthen permission checks for AWS Integration. Please refer to the following article for details.

mackerel-agent-plugins Update

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.65.0

  • Fixed an issue that prevented it from getting metrics in some environments
  • plugin-aws-cloudfront : When metric-key-prefix is changed from the default, notations such as "Aws" and "Cloudfront" will be changed to "AWS" and "CloudFront" in the graph definition.

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.66.0

  • We have added the metric-key-prefix option to mackerel-plugin-fluentd.

Thank you to all contributors!

We have revamped our brand website

We have redesigned our brand website ( We have also added new content, so do check it out.


Temporary closure of support services during the Obon holidays

The Mackerel official support services (response to inquiries sent via “ Feedback”, which is displayed on the upper right of the header when you are logged into Mackerel, and to will be closed during the following period.

Closed Period: August 12 (Thu)–13 (Fri), 2021

We will begin replying to inquiries received during this period starting from August 16, 2021 (Mon). Thank you for your kind understanding.