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An API to update hosts’ roles・Official support for Amazon Linux etc.

Today marks the first day of April.

At Hatena, new employees have entered the company and things have become a bit more lively.

Here is this week’s Mackerel update (don’t worry, even though today is April fools’ day, everything in this article is true).

An API to update hosts’ roles

In the past, you could add roles from the host information updating API, but considering the possibility of a collision with the changes in the Web screen, removal was not possible.

With this update, the API was supplemented in order to update role configurations related to the host, including the possibility of removing the role.

PUT /api/v0/hosts/<hostID>/role-fullnames

By specifying the following format for hosts whose roles you want to configure, role information will be updated.

  "roleFullnames": [ <string>, <string>, … ]

For more details, take a look at the help page.

Official support for Amazon Linux

In last week’s announcement, we informed you about mackerel-agent not working in Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03.

After that, we implemented an emergency response, resolved the problems, and introduced the official support for Amazon Linux in Mackerel.

The Amazon Linux installation procedure is described from Mackerel’s host registration guide screen(

Notice of the Blog and Help URL change

The URLs for the current Mackerel Blog and Help page have changed.

In this change, the blog and help page have become “https” format. Accessing the old URL will redirect you to the new, but a registration change of the RSS reader and such should be done as necessary.

The previously used and the new URLs are listed below.

Previous New
Blog (English)**
Blog (Japanese)**
Help (English)**
Help (Japanese)**

Introducing user blogs

User entries are being sporadically introduced*1 in Mackerel Blog.

Here are user entries about a convenient way to use Mackerel and a new user-developed plugin. Unfortunately, they are only available in Japanese.

Mackerelのページを瞬時に開くAlfred Workflowを作った - Glide Note

プロセスのメモリ使用量とCPU使用率などが取れる mackerel-plugin-linux-proc-stats をリリースしました - tkuchikiの日記

Being able to transfer instantly, such as to a specific host page, with Alfred Workflow seems convenient right?

Recently, i’ve gotten used to Spotlight on Mac, but I think I want to give this a try.

*1:A formal guarantee for the link content is not provided. Additionally, a link’s author should contact us if deleting a link is desired.