New metric targets added for AWS / NLB Integration and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here with another update announcement.

New metric targets added for AWS / NLB Integration

With this update, new metric targets are now obtainable through AWS and NLB Integration. The following metrics relate to TLS termination in NLB.

  • Processed Bytes
    • nlb.bytes.tcp
    • nlb.bytes.tls
    • nlb.bytes.udp
  • Established Active Flow
    • nlb.established_active_flow.tcp
    • nlb.established_active_flow.tls
    • nlb.established_active_flow.udp
  • Consumed LCUs
    • nlb.consumed_lcus.all
    • nlb.consumed_lcus.tcp
    • nlb.consumed_lcus.tls
    • nlb.consumed_lcus.udp
  • New Flow
    • nlb.new_flow.tcp
    • nlb.new_flow.tls
    • nlb.new_flow.udp
  • TLS Negotiation Error
    • nlb.tls_negotiation_error.client

In addition to this, the maximum number of retrievable metrics has been increased from 6 + 2 × (number of target groups) to 21 + 2 × (number of target groups). So depending on the number of target groups, you may exceed the 30 metric limit in which case the excess will be converted into an additional micro host (FAQ・Handling of host conversion when plan limits are exceeded - Mackerel Docs).

Obtaining metrics with AWS Integration can be freely configured at your own discretion in settings. Although, metrics are retrieved by default, so please manage this as necessary.

HTTP API support for AWS / API Gateway Integration

I’m sure that the current development of an HTTP API available (GA) for Amazon API Gateway is news to everyone. (Japanese only)

With this update, it is now possible to monitor HTTP Protocol-Type API Gateway resources. Prior to this, only REST and WebSocket were supported, but now all currently existing Protocol-Type are available.

For more on integratable metrics, check out the documentation linked below.

Reflect a selected metric when sharing service metric graphs to notification channels

Have you ever used the graph sharing function that lets you post graphs to notification channels by clicking the camera icon located in the upper right corner of each graph?


Now, when sharing service metric graphs, you can select a particular metric to be reflected in the shared content.

By selecting a particular metric to share...

Only that selected metric will be shared to the notification channel!

This feature has been supported for system metrics and custom metrics, but is now available for service metric graphs as well. We hope this will be helpful for communicating and addressing specific areas.