Auxiliary lines can now be drawn on graph widgets in custom dashboards, and more

Hello. This is the Mackerel team's CRE, Nishiyama (id:tukaelu).

Here are the details of this update:

Auxiliary lines can now be drawn on graph widgets in custom dashboards

The custom dashboard's graph widget now supports drawing auxiliary lines at any specified value.

We hope you will find this useful for setting yardstick values on your graphs, such as past results or projections.

The label you enter when configuring an auxiliary line is displayed when you mouseover the flag icon to the right of the line. This can be useful to add notes or comments!

mackerel-sql-metric-collector has been made available under mackerelio-labs.

As mentioned in the recently published article "Introduction to service operation through SLI/SLO using Mackerel", we have released mackerel-sql-metric-collector is now available! This tool allows users to post the results of queries made to Amazon Athena and supported RDBMSes as metrics.

As shown in the introductory article, we believe this tool will strengthen your monitoring on Mackerel by, for example, helping with SLI/SLO monitoring by aggregating latency data from Athena ALB logs. We hope you'll find it useful!

The Mackerel team also releases software resulting from new initiatives on the mackerelio-labs GitHub Organization.

More new software is planned for release in future, so make sure to keep an eye out!

MySQL versions supported by mackerel-plugin-mysql have been updated

As announced recently, the target version of MySQL supported by the mackerel-plugin-mysql plugin has been changed to the following.

If monitoring a version of MySQL older than the supported versions, please install mackerel-plugin-mysql v1.0.0 using "mkr plugin install". Previous announcements contain more detailed installation instructions. Please consult the following article.

Please note that if you use the method described in the above article, our support desk may not be able to provide troubleshooting or other assistance.

Options have been added to the check-ssl-cert plugin to make certificate verification more flexible.

Option Description
--ca-file Specify a CA certificate to be used in client authentication
--cert-file Specify a certificate to be used in client authentication
--key-file Specify a key file to be used in client authentication
--no-check-certificate Do not verify certificate

Cessation of releases for apt v1

We have ceased releases for the apt v1 repository for Ubuntu/Debian. Updates will no longer be provided for apt v1. We recommend considering moving to apt v2.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Windows OS name being correctly obtained with mackerel-agent

An issue that prevented the OS name from being correctly obtained on some desktop Windows environments has been fixed.

Together with this fix, after updating to mackerel-agent v0.75.0 or higher, the OS name displayed at the top of the Host Details page may have changed slightly, as shown below.

Before After
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Datacenter

Accessibility improved

  • Tabs on the following pages can now be navigated using the cursor keys
    • Service settings page
    • Markdown widgets in Custom Dashboards
  • The Organization List can now be controlled using the keyboard by focusing on the heading that sorts by number of Alerts.