Service metric count displayed in the service summary and details・User’s timezone settings etc.

The days have finally started to warm up a bit.

But with the warm spring weather, comes the annual battle against allergies!

Here is this week’s Mackerel update.

The service metric count is now displayed in the service summary and details

Until now, the total was displayed from the plan detail screen, but not together with the service value.

With this update, the service metric count is now displayed in the service summary screen and the detail screen.

This will make managing the service metrics easier.

Switch to the Organization’s time zone in the user settings

In Mackerel, it has been possible to designate the time zone in the organization’s settings. This is used by alert notifications, and until now, graphs and such that were displayed depended on the timezone of the location of the user’s device.

With this update, the user’s environment is no longer a factor. Every time displayed on the screen can now be unified with the organization’s settings.

From the User Interface screen, switch on “Use the timezone of the Organization” to use this feature.

New releases have been made for mackerel-agent and mackerel-agent-plugins

mackerel-agent 0.29.2

  • The command line options that were deprecated as a result of the addition of subcommands in 0.26.2 have been deleted (-version,-once)

  • When check-plugin times out, a status of “Unknown” is sent to Mackerel

  • mackerel-agent.conf is not overwritten when the deb package is upgraded

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.18.1

  • mackerel-plugin-mysql: the malfunction when helper.Tempfile is vacant has been corrected