The Terraform Mackerel Provider is now available on Terraform Registry

Hi there. This is Mackerel team's SRE id:heleeen here.

We have recently published the Terraform Mackerel Provider to Terraform Registry.
You can now use the Terraform Mackerel Provider to manage various settings like the monitoring settings you have in Mackerel.

mackerelio-labs/mackerel | Terraform Registry

the Terraform Mackerel Provider Release

We hadn't officially released the Terraform Mackerel Provider until now, but with the cooperation of @xcezx and @kjm, who have been personally created one for some time, we are able to publish them.
Thank you again for your contribution @xcezx and @kjm !

What is mackereilo-labs...

Many of the OSS repositories that Mackerel publishes such as mackerel-agent, can be found at In addition, the Mackerel team also publishes products including experimental and prototype products at
We've published mackerelio-labs as a product for who is outside the Mackerel development team to join as outside collaborators.
We're going to add more products to mackerelio-labs to help you get the most out of Mackerel. If you're interested, please take a look!

Setting Example

Here are an example for monitoring setting.
You can manage the settings of Mackerel as Code with Terraform like this.

resource "mackerel_monitor" "cpu_high" {
  name                  = "cpu % is high"
  is_mute               = false
  notification_interval = 10

  host_metric {
    metric   = "cpu%"
    operator = ">"
    warning  = 80
    critical = 90
    duration = 3

    scopes = ["app", "proxy:ec2"]

Please check the document for other configurations.

If you have question

You can join the Mackerel User Group with this URL and ask your question.

Please take advantage of it!

We are pleased to announce that the Terraform Mackerel Provider is now available on Terraform Registry.
If you are interested in IaC such as monitoring configuration, we hope you will find this provider useful.