container-agent and terraform-provider-mackerel now supports ARM64 and more

Hello. I am Mackerel Team CRE's Nishiyama (id:tukaelu). I will give you the details about this update.

container-agent now supports ARM64

container-agent now supports ARM64! It is already released on Amazon ECR Public, so please use it.

terraform-provider-mackerel can now be used on M1 Mac

M1 Mac is starting to be used more as development machines, and terraform-provider-mackerel now functions on M1 Mac in v0.0.8!

This was contributed by @handlename. Thank you!

mackerelio-labs/mackerel | Terraform Registry

mackerel-agent's Docker image now supports ARM64.

mackerel-agent's Docker image now also supports linux/arm64.

Debian11 is now added to the list of supported OS.

Previously, only Debian 9 and 10 were supported, but it now supports 11.

Please see below for the latest list of supported OS.