Access restrictions can now be done by IP address etc.

Hello! December is already upon us, leaving just one more month left of 2016. How are everyone’s holiday plans coming along?

Well then, here is this week’s update information.

IP address range restrictions can now be made for Web screen and API access

Mackerel is consistently reinforcing security features such as the support of view-only users, and now, restrictions can be done by IP addresses!

As shown in the above image, Web screen restrictions and API restrictions can be specified separately.

This configuration is available for each organization. Check out the organization’s “Settings” tab!

Releases for mackerel-agent and more

Releases have been made for mackerel-agent, mackerel-agent-plugins, mackerel-check-plugins, and mkr.

Details for each update are as follows.

mackerel-agent 0.37.1

  • Minor corrections such as error control were made.

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.24.0

  • mackerel-plugin-twemproxy plugin was added to the package
  • mackerel-plugin-postgres now supports PostgreSQL 9.1
  • Other minor corrections

mackerel-check-plugins 0.8.1

  • Bugs were corrected in the following plugins
    • check-log
    • check-procs

mkr 0.13.0

  • Custom headers for external monitoring can now be configured with the monitors subcommand.
  • Other minor corrections

To everyone who submitted pull requests to the above repositories, thank you very much!

Mackerel Advent Calendar 2016 has begun!

The Mackerel Advent Calendar 2016, which we announced here last week, is finally underway!

Mackerel Advent Calendar 2016 - Qiita

We would love for all of you to introduce user blog posts such as “Actual ways to use Mackerel”, “Useful tips for the Mackerel you know and advanced” and more at your work!