FAQ・Calculating the number of hosts

The number of hosts will be calculated as follows.

  • The number of hosts will be calculated using the moving average of the past month.
    • It is the average number of hosts, not the maximum number of concurrent active hosts or the total number of hosts.
    • For example, even if there is a temporary increase in the number of servers due to high-load countermeasures, the usage fee will not increase significantly.
  • The number of active hosts will be counted periodically in time intervals of about 1 hour.
    • The number of unique hosts that have accessed the metric posting API will be included regardless of those hosts’ statuses.
      • Hosts with metric posts are counted as active hosts even if the host status is poweroff.
    • Normally this number will equal the number of mackerel-agents being run.  * Hosts with a “retired” status / hosts with no metric posts will not be counted as active hosts.
  • If have a paid plan and use service metrics or external monitoring, you will be charged for one standard host even if there are no active standard hosts registered.

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