FAQ・Calculating the number of hosts

The number of hosts will be calculated as follows.

  • The number of hosts will be calculated using the moving average of the past month.
    • It is the average number of hosts, not the maximum number of concurrent active hosts or the total number of hosts.
    • For example, even if there is a temporary increase in the number of servers due to high-load countermeasures, the usage fee will not increase significantly.
  • The number of active hosts will be counted periodically in time intervals of about 1 hour.
    • The number of unique hosts that have accessed the metric posting API will be included regardless of those hosts’ statuses.
    • Normally this number will equal the number of mackerel-agents being run.
    • Hosts with a “retired” status will not be counted as active hosts.
  • The total number of hosts will be calculated based on a 30 day period of use, otherwise if you have not yet used the service for 30 days, calculation will be based on the average number of active hosts per day so far (rounded up).
  • When using a paid plan, even if the the number of active hosts is zero, the minimum usage fee (one host’s worth) will be charged once.

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