New metrics added for AWS・EFS Integration

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Nishiyama (id:tukaelu) here with another update announcement.

New metrics added for AWS・EFS Integration

In addition to all of the items available up until now, the following metrics can now be monitored as well.

  • Data IO Count
    • MeteredIOBytes(efs.data_io_count.metered)
  • Data IO Sum Bytes
    • MeteredIOBytes(efs.data_io_sum_bytes.metered)
  • Data IO Bytes
    • MeteredIOBytes.Minimum(efs.data_io_bytes.Metered.minimum)
    • MeteredIOBytes.Average(efs.data_io_bytes.Metered.average)
    • MeteredIOBytes.Maximum(efs.data_io_bytes.Metered.maximum)
  • Storage
    • StorageBytes.Standard(
    • StorageBytes.IA(
    • StorageBytes.Total(

With this new addition, the maximum number of metrics per host has increased from 28 to 36. Please be sure to pay attention to the number of metrics per micro host.

Be sure to check out the following document as well.