MIRACLE LINUX 8 has been added to supported operating systems and more

Hello. This is Miura, the Mackerel team CRE (id:missasan). I would like to inform you about the contents of the recent update.

MIRACLE LINUX 8 has been added to supported operating systems

Information on the supported Mackerel environment is available from "Help" below.

AWS Integration – Kinesis Data Firehose metrics have been added

See "Help" below for details of available metrics.

Fixed bug involving failure of auto-retire in docker-mackerel-agent

An issue by which auto-retire would fail beginning with docker-mackerel-agent v0.72.6 has been fixed in v0.72.13.

On June 23 (Thu.), browsing for Mackerel documents will be unavailable for a short period of time between 1:30-5:30 a.m.

See details in the blog post below.

Support for HipChat ends

As a degree of time has passed since the end of service of HipChat, which could be linked to from Mackerel as a notification channel, support on Mackerel will end.

  • HipChat linking functions will stop on Thursday, June 23, 2022.
    • It will no longer be possible to create a new HipChat in channel settings.
    • Registered HipChat channels will no longer be displayed in the list.
    • Registered HipChat channel data will be deleted.
  • Discontinuation of the settings screen will be performed ahead of the deletion of the setting data.
    • After the discontinuation of the settings screen, the content of settings can be checked using APIs until the function is stopped.

Customers will not be required to take any particular action due to this matter.

The page shown when accessing has been fixed

When accessing while not logged in, the old brand site of Mackerel would display. This has been fixed to redirect to the login page. From now on, please visit the brand site below for information on Mackerel service.